Why Mitt Romney’s “Entitlement” Comments Were Totally Not Chill

So all my bros are totally incensed by this whole Mitt Romney hot mic shit…figured I’d slug back some Nattys and give my two cents.

First off, never mind the fact that Romney’s statement was misleading and false, bro. What’s really upsetting is the tone of his comments (essentially denigrating 47% of this country to entitled government dependents) and the context in which he said it. It shows that to Romney, Democratic voters are not just ideologically mislead but hold deep character flaws that disqualify them from any consideration in public policy forums; Mitt Romney’s job, in his words, is “not to worry about those bros.”

And that’s totally not chill.

Bros who rely on government programs (read: most bros in ‘murica) aren’t entitled “takers” but are people who have been left behind by our economic policies over the past couple of decades. The decline of unions, refusing to set the minimum wage with inflation, pressure from Wall Street to minimize labor expenses, globalization; all of these factors contributed to the decline in income for average Americans that forced them on to government programs for their Natty Ice in the first place.

Romney not even considering that bros don’t want to be on government welfare and are on it out of necessity borders on bigotry, bro.

Let’s say the 47% thing was just an off the cuff statement that meant nothing (although it is pretty consistent with comments he has been making since the primaries). He also said that bros think, “they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.” Even if no bro in this country relied on government programs for anything, the fact that he doesn’t consider health care, food and housing fundamental human rights (not an American right, a HUMAN right) shows that he just can’t or refuses to understand that 15% of this country and most of the world lives in abject poverty.

And I mean like, legit poverty. Like too poor to afford the NFL Network on Comcast.

Should we just let these bros go without Thursday night football? Fuck that noise. Or is there some way that we can implement policies to raise them up from poverty into being productive members of society. Welfare may lead to dependency, but I’m positive that ultimately those chill bros don’t want to rely on a monthly handout to get wasted and bang slampieces.

These off the cuff comments show real insight into the fundamental principles that Romney attaches to his policies, mainly that people are on welfare because they don’t want to work. That sentiment would be disastrous for this country if placed into policy, even for the wealthiest bros, bro.

Now this isn’t meant to be a political post. I keep that shit close to the chest like Arian Foster carrying for an 80 yard touchdown. But chew on this shit, bro. It’s important. Alright, let’s play some smash and get high.


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